https://www.gurkangenc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/At%C4%B1l%C4%B1m-300-x-242.jpg Atılım University
As Atılım University, it was not so difficult to participate in the dreams of a successful young people like Gürkan Genç as we did before to the dreams of many young people’s education as a university which aims high targets.
Given Support: Main sponsor of the world tour which will last for 7 years. Financial support of the “pedal for future” project is given by Atılım University.

https://www.gurkangenc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/tur-assist-200-x-200.jpg Tur Assist
Tur Assist, with 200,000 service units, who is a security of travellers and who unites their expertise with their outstanding technology is happy to participate in the dreams of world traveller Gürkan Genç. Tur Assist stands by him on his every pedal, at a single telephone call.
Given Support: Health Insurance, patience transport by plane or ambulance, criminal bail, Cash advance, emergency message, ticket, passport and luggage lost expenses and others.

https://www.gurkangenc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Disisleri-bakanligi-logo-200-x-200.jpg Republic of Turkey Misnistry of Foreign Affairs
As Foreign Affairs Ministry of Turkish Republic, we support Gürkan Genç who contributed to introducing our country abroad with his individual capacity and with his wonderful dreams.
Given Support: Providing visa assistance which will help Gurkan Genc during his transition between countries, logistic support

https://www.gurkangenc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/kron-200-x-200.jpg Kron Bicycle
As Kron Bicycle family, we are a partner for the dream of 7 years world travel by our specially designed bike for Gürkan Genç for the purpose of finding bicycles a place deserved and taking place as a culture in Turkey and more importantly, following the logic of ‘’Bicycle is a vehicle for transport’’. As a Turkish Cycling Firm, we are proud of standing by a Turkish traveller.
Given Support: Financial support for the renewal of all the materials related to bike or renewal of bicycle itself.

https://www.gurkangenc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/north-face-logo-200-x-121.jpg The North Face
An explorer spirit that explores by his iron horse and an outdoor brand, established in the motto of ‘’Never Stop Exploring’’ . An organic tie that feeds understands and develops each other. For this reason, The North Face family as a participant of Gürkan Genç’s dream, will stand by him while he is exploring the world and inspiring thousands; infusing them the love of nature, curiosity and courage.
Given Support: Summer and winter outdoor clothing, sleeping bags, tents

https://www.gurkangenc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Ortlieb_generisch_SW-01-1-300-x-63.jpg ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH
As a leading manufacturer of waterproof outdoor equipment and waterproof bicycle panniers, we are proud to be able to support Gürkan Genç on his journey. All our waterproof products are produced with high frequency welding methods at the German headquarters in Heilsbronn and are thus “Made in Germany”.
Given Support: bike panniers

https://www.gurkangenc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Untitled-200-x-111.jpg Ankara Patent
We are drifting in the life, there are ‘’cannot be done’’, ‘’ you cannot’’ in front of us; closed plane factories, discontinued cars, brain migration have all became wounds inside of us… Our biggest struggle with those who say ‘’ do not invent more’’, ‘’ how come you will invent’’, ‘’the chance to do something has passed’’, ‘’ may it pass away’’. On the contrary, we met so inventors, we witnessed so struggles, we have stood by them as much as possible. Now Gürkan Genç is enlightening our souls. He shows us what we can do if we want, in a way unimaginable. We are very excited to be a partner for his dream since he surprised us with his enthusiasm and the courage. We are standing by him as Ankara Patent.
Given Support: Registration of the brand names i.e Gurkan Genc, The Man with the iron horse, pedal for future, etc at various service areas.

https://www.gurkangenc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/gungorler.jpg Güngörler Bisiklet
Bir gün Gürkan GENÇ mağazamıza geldi. Japonya ya gidiyorum diyip rotasını bizle paylaştı. Bir hafta sonra da yolculuğuna başladı. 1 sene sonra Türkiye’ye döndü yolculuk anılarını bizlere anlattı. Sonrasında dünya turuna çıkıyorum dedi ve rotasını gösterdi. Türkiye’de bir sene anacak durabildi. Yapamazsın, imkansız diyenler şuanda onun yazılarını okumakta ve videolarını seyretmekte. Bu adama nasıl hayal ortağı olunmaz?
Verdiği Destek: Gürkan Genç’e bisikletle alakalı yedek parça temini

Damla Pastanesi
1964 yılında Ankara Anıttepe Gençlik Caddesinde Bahadır DUMAN’ın açtığı pastanemiz hala aynı yerinde klasik pastane olarak hizmet vermekte. Hayallerini ertelemeyen bizler, hayallerini ertelemeyen ve başkalarına destek olan insanların hep yanında olduk. Bu vesileyle Gürkan’a hayal ortağı olmaktan mutluyuz.
Verilen Destek: Pastanede hergün üretilen tatlıların satışıyla “Gürkan Genç – Genç Kaşiflere” destek olunuyor.