Never Give Up

Gürkan Genç 6 years ago Yorum yokWorld Tour, Africa, Morocco16 dakikada okuyabilirsiniz

  While trying to leave Nador I realized that the GPS device wasn’t able to position the side streets exactly where they were. After these e-maps were made public the citizens relocated the streets for sure. Either new houses were built or the streets...

Similar Stories in Malawi

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  For years I’m not complaining about climbing with loaded bicycle. Especially after Dubai the load on my bicycle increased significantly. But still I’ve tried to climb every slope or steep land I came upon, no matter what. But ascending 100 m and then...

Scream of the earth

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I have told before that I stayed with Evren, Metin and Erman in Zambia. Thanks to them, they hosted me for a long time. The reason I stayed so long was the damaged upper frame of my bicycle. Kron Bicycle company in Istanbul was...