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Buenos Aires – Argentina

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Gürkan Genç

Adventurous, amateur photographer, speaker, blog writer and entrepreneur traveller, who travels internationally with his bicycle.

Turkish cyclist who went to Japan from Turkey by bike in 2010-2011 and who started his world tour which will last for 7 years from Turkey in 09 September 2012. He pedals at the hot and cold all kinds of weather conditions, at the highest vehicle passing points and at the biggest deserts of the world. He takes pictures of historical and natural beauties of the villages and cities where he pedals for thousand kilometres. He lives with them in order to see and understand the cultures and the lives of these communities. He shares his experiences at his website and with the students at the schools of the countries he goes.

The Man with Iron Horse, pedals for the future to discover and to accomplish his dreams, and lives to share his experiences.

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